Our Users

Spottitt ENERGY attracts the interest of national energy providers, turbine manufacturers, developers, and consulting companies large and small. They are involved in early stage solar and onshore wind, site prospecting and selection, in locations all over the world.

These companies are interested in using Spottitt, because it provides the following benefits :

  • Reduced cost and duration* of site prospecting and selection.
  • Ability to access and work from up-to-date, reliable data, even in countries where the availability and quality of maps and data are poor.
  • Ability to scope out new geographies without having a team on the ground.
  • Increased team efficiency through Spottitt’s automation, central project data storage and sharing features. No more zipping up and emailing of large project files.

Spottitt is a revolutionary tool enabling solar and onshore wind developers to automate the way they find new sites, improve site selection success rates, and work with increased efficiency. Overall Spottitt helps it’s customers to reduce cost and time to market allowing for a lower and more competative cost of energy.

* Based on a number of test cases where developers were investing upwards of 530,000 Euro per 100 MW installed during a 6 month long site prospecting and selection phase. Spottitt estimated cost reduction upwards of 10% (~ 50,000 Euro) and reduction in duration upwards of 60% (3-4 months).