Building Recognition Analysis (BR)

Tanzania building recognition analysis

BR stands for Building Recognition analysis used to provide an up to date, digital overview of the location and footprint of buildings. A Spottitt automated self-service BR is derived from commercial sub meter resolution imagery via our neural network algorithms trained on a diverse global dataset. A Spottitt BR can be used as a stand alone analysis, for example clients surveying off-grid villages; or as a critical input to generate a Spottitt Green Field Analysis.

A Spottitt BR has 2m resolution, is derived from commercial sub meter resolution satellite imagery, and takes between 12-24 hours to generate for any location globally. See full product specifications below.

This is a BR analysis for a remote site in northern Tanzania. View the full analysis and 50cm resolution imagery used to generate it in Spottitt here.

Product Details

Coverage – global

Source Imagery – self-service BR analyses can be generated from Airbus Pleiades 50cm resolution imagery, Digital Globe Worldview 2&3 30cm – 40cm resolution imagery. Through the Spottitt geoportal you can search these sources, select the perfect image (location, date, % cloud and %snow cover) and set your BR analysis running. You will be informed by email and notification within Spottitt the moment your analysis is ready. No suitable image? 9 out of 10 times our clients find the prefect image but if you don’t find what you need, or you would like a fresher image please email us details of your image needs and area of interest to

BR analysis resolution –  2m.

Viewing your BR anlaysis and source imagery – Interactively via the Spottitt geoportal, no special GIS software required.

Editing your BR anlaysis – polygon class allocation and polygon deletion, addition and outline editing can be done via the Spottitt geoportal, no special GIS software required.

Exporting your BR anlaysis and source imagery – all Spottitt anlayses can be downloaded in .shp file format for easy export to GSI software packages and .dxf for export to AutoCAD. Pleiades source imagery can be downloaded in .tif raster format. Worldview 2&3 imagery cannot be downloaded. You can also export what you see in the Spottitt geoportal with legend for inclusion in reports in many formats including .jpg, .doc, .pdf and more.

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